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Do you seek a life less ordinary? Carmel Lavender is looking for its future owners. Yes, Carmel Lavender will soon be offered for sale. Carmel Lavender is a decade old lavender farm and apiculture business with proven revenue. The sale presents a rare opportunity for someone who has been yearning for a life less ordinary to find a more meaningful life amongst the flowers and hills of Carmel Valley. Is this you? Find out. Watch our video and visit our virtual tour below, or  contact us and find your more to life.

Less than 20 years ago, John Russo, founder of Carmel Lavender, was sitting in his office on Stevens Creek Boulevard in Silicon Valley thinking there has got to be more to life than this! The daily commute through endless traffic, emails arriving at all hours of day and night, crowds everywhere you go, punishing work hours. He longed to just feel human. He wanted to live differently. But how?

The sale of Carmel Lavender is a doorway, both for John and his wife Yoko, and for the new owners to enter their new futures.

Change is always a doorway to something new. Moving to the country is a big change. In More to Life, John and Yoko Russo reflect on their respective experiences moving from the big city to farm life:  John, his journey from Silicon Valley software developer to essential oil producer and apiculturist, and Yoko, her move from a chef in a popular restaurant in San Francisco to farm life and raising a child. It was here they made a new life together, and prepared themselves for their future.

The stresses of city life have only increased since founding Carmel Lavender. Commutes have become horrific, and housing costs have become so high, many find themselves spending 40-60% of their income just to pay the mortgage. Imagine the possibility of living in the serenity of the country, but also your property generating the income you need to live!

Not Just a Place to Live

CHammockarmel Lavender is not just a place to live. It is a new life. Many people have dreamed of living life in the country. The dream starts with saving some money, buying a beautiful patch of paradise, and living happily ever. This dream is usually interrupted by the abrupt sound of reality: but how will you make a living? Making a comfortable living at farming has been one of the great elusive goals throughout human history. One of the crowning achievements of Carmel Lavender is the development of a business tied to the land that can support the lives of the people who live there.

And Yet a Beautiful Place to Live

Vist our virtual tour to appreciate the unique beauty of Carmel Lavender. View the fields, hives, and natural features of the property. Imagine yourself in the serenity of the farm. Walk the fields, visit the distillery, say hello to the bees in the apiary, see the main house and the tiny house.

Carmel Lavender as the sun sets over the fields.

Carmel Lavender as the sun sets over the fields.

Click here to view the virtual tour.

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