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Live a Simple Life @CarmelLavender, If Only for a Day #GrabYourMoment #Monterey

Once in a while, we all dream of quitting our job and leaving the stress of city life. Maybe move to a lavender farm way out in the country to live the simple life. While that’s not realistic for most people, you can restore your inner strength by moving to a Tiny House on a lavender farm just for a day. Just a two and one half hour drive from the Bay Area, and you’ll be on the edge of civilization. Experience for yourself why Buddhist monks built a monastery at Tassajara just down the road from Carmel Lavender. Click here to book your stay on AirBNB today.

Experience the Edge of Civilization

SwingOnEdgeSometimes it’s difficult to imagine a place in California that is still pristine. It seems that everywhere we go, the crowds follow. Of course, this is a great state and everyone wants to enjoy it. But once in a while, we need a place away, really away, where we can have privacy to just be with a special companion, or even just ourselves. To clear our thoughts. To experience living on the edge of civilization. Maybe just swing from an old white oak and look at the empty mountains and sky. To see nature the way it was meant to be. From your private swing, you can feel the breeze, listen to bees, watch clouds, or star gaze without anyone asking why.

Wildlife Love

DeerLoveAs you explore the farm, you will notice that even the wildlife leave little affections. Here is a heart shaped footprint left by one of our resident deer in the garden. If you’re lucky, you may see them grazing in the fields as you enjoy your morning tea. But don’t worry! The lavender is safe, the deer don’t eat it. They’re just helping to weed the rows in between.

Off-grid Luxury

InteriorWFanLiving a simple life in nature doesn’t have to mean camping. The Tiny House @CarmelLavender is a 400 sf cottage in the woods. It has a full kitchen with refrigerator, microwave, gas stove and oven. All the comforts. Bring your favorite food with you, and why not eat in! Or should we say out. Some of our guests have brought all the ingredients and prepared gourmet meals from scratch. Others brought frozen meals and used the oven to heat it up. But once you start to decompress on your private little hillside, you’re not going to want to go back down the mountain to eat at a restaurant. So make the most of the free electricity from the Sun and enjoy the modern conveniences of off-grid living.

Bring a Book

HammockConvenience doesn’t mean distraction. At the Tiny House, there is no television, no Internet, and if you’re lucky, no cell phone. (Some services providers do have coverage, and there is a prepaid wireless phone in the house for emergencies, just in case yours doesn’t work.) That complicated life is going to seem a million miles away. You’re going to want to climb into the hammock with your sweetie or maybe with just a book. Spend time really talking knowing that you have undivided attention. Take a hike around the farm. Play an old-time board game and be interactive with your family and friends (board games provided). The Tiny House is a place to rejuvenate yourself, and your relationships.

Farm Products

ProductBasketWhat’s more, this is a working farm. When you stay with us, you get 15% off online retail prices through our honor basket located inside the room. Choose honey, lotions, and lavender oils produced right here on the farm (how local is that). If you like, we can even arrange to have a personal tour of the apiary, or learn to make soap, or distill lavender oil. Our guests receive special pricing and discounts on farm classes when you stay with us.

Book Today!

Visit our listing on AirBNB where you can view more pictures of the Tiny House, check schedule availability, and book your stay online right now. Click here to go to our listing. Recharge. Live your dream, if just for a day or two.

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