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Essential Oil Display

What’s in an Oil, Anyway?

At a lavender festival, many years ago, I was browsing through a small shop of essential oils and came across an aromatherapy pamphlet. It wasn’t thick, so I picked it up, and started to peruse through it. It started with a high-level physiological explanation. Then it made a declaration that stuck with me ever since: the sense of smell is the only sense where the brain touches the environment directly. From that context, aromatherapy was then explained. The aromatherapy pamphlet discovered at that festival, talked about the primitive brain and how this simple system of chemo-receptors common in the most primitive creatures from amoeba to insects are a direct link to the mysterious systems of the subconscious. The art that is aromatherapy is the art of using this pathway to directly influence these primal systems for our own well-being. The whole thing was all kind of loosely proven and lacked scientific references, but yet intuitively, it seemed to go in an agreeable direction. Touching the world with our brain It would indeed seem that the brain is reaching …

The History of Honey Gift Traditions

Honey has been a traditional gift for many occasions. But where did we get this custom to give honey on special occasions? The practice seems to be as old as man. Bees and honey have been known to mankind for as long as we find records. One of the oldest, a painting in spider cave, near Valencia, Spain is dated between 6,000 and 8,000 years old. What they were doing with this precious treasure, and what they thought about it has disappeared with them. But records have been left since that provide clues to the use of honey as a gift tradition. Ancient Tribute In ancient Egypt, at least as far back as 30 b.c., honey was used in households as a sweetening agent. It was highly valued, and therefore often used as a tribute or as payment. By the 7th century b.c., the Greeks gifted honey to the gods and to departed spirits as sacrificial offering. This value seems time honored. We can fast forward to the 11th century a.d. and find German peasants …

Carmel Lavender as the sun sets over the fields.

Distinguished scents

Carmel Lavender offers the finest scents produced in Carmel Valley. Our essential oils transport you to our fields. Stress melts away as lavender soothes your soul and beeswax and oils sooth your skin. Visit our shop for truly unique gifts. Treat yourself or a special friend to the best Carmel has to offer.