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Bee Crazy – Join the Adventure @ Carmel Lavender

Have you ever wanted to be part of something completely different? On April 12, 2015 Carmel Lavender will be introducing over 50,000 new honeybees to Carmel Valley. Imagine being there as thousands of bees are released and take to the air, and their new homes. You are truly be one with nature as you experience the unique privileged of being part of the fantastic world of honeybees. It’s a rare opportunity few get. It will be an experience you’ll remember for the rest of your life. Join us! #GrabYourMoment #Monterey

Establishing new colonies is one of the most exciting and enjoyable times in beekeeping. It’s just you, a beautiful spring day, and thousands of honeybees. Your job is to ensure the smooth transition of the colony into their new home here in Carmel Valley.


These new colonies will be arriving in what we call package bees. An entirely self contained community with a queen and about 3,500 loyal subjects. Just imaging yourself kneeled over a cage of thousands of bees. You take the hive tool, and gently lift out the lid, releasing thousands into the air. You have just become part of something big. You’re a beekeeper now, helping to repopulate our valley with honeybees our planet so desperately needs. These little creatures have given so much to us. Not just honey, but much of the food that we love to eat comes from the work of these dutiful bees. And you have just released thousands back to our ecosystem to help bring diversity and health to the local plants. You have just given back.


To understand the bee release procedure, you must first understand a little bit about honeybee civilizations. Honeybees require community to survive.

For ninety minutes, you have the privileged to be part of an ancient community of insects, some sources say is 400 million years old.

Not a single bee in the colony is self sufficient. They are all biological co-dependents. Even the mighty queen, who rules over thousands. Each and every subject is willing to give her life for her queen. Yet even that mighty queen is completely dependent on her loyal subjects for survival. During the release, you will see the queen and help introduce her to her new home. And you observe first-hand the community as it stays with her, and begins the process of making a home.


You’re going to want to get this moment on film. Bring your cameras. But I challenge you to get a shot that really captures what you feel. You will share your photos with family and friends and try to describe the moment. Perhaps it is time to start writing poetry, because it will be difficult to describe your experience completely in prose.


ISmilingBeekeeperst’s an experience of a lifetime. I hear so often the same story, the dream to see inside a hive in person. Yet unless you are a beekeeper, the opportunity is rare. This is a unique chance to do something that hundreds of people have only dreamt about. A father told me recently after bringing his boys to see the bees:

This is something different, something we’ll never forget!

You are now part of a small fraternity of humans who have experienced bees up close and in person.


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