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Honeybees Return to Carmel Valley, California #grabyourmoment #monterey #honeybeeconservancy

On April 12, 2015, those that appreciate the tremendous gift of honeybees gather at Carmel Lavender to restore thousands of honeybees to Carmel Valley. Everyone knows that saving the honeybee is important. This is how we do it. Join us for the magic. REGISTER HERE.

It’s like poetry in motion. As the honeybees tirelessly work to support their colonies and better the environment, only art can capture the miracle.

Leisure forsake me
Each season Her own bounty
For my Nature calls.
– Haiku titled: No Tally, by John Russo

The bees enjoy their labors for the betterment of others, and so can we. One of the most fantastic times in beekeeping is the establishment of new hives. The energy is absolutely thrilling to the spirit. And the feeling of giving back warms the soul.


I’m John Russo. I’m the founder of Carmel Lavender, and a beekeeper. Every year, I work to maintain and preserve honeybee colonies in Carmel Valley. When I started working with bees years ago, I had no idea how inspiring these little creatures could be. One of the joys I have is sharing the magic of honeybees with others. Let me share the magic with you.

Join us on April 12, as we restore honeybees to Carmel Valley. Your support of this event is not just inspiring and educational, but it supports Carmel Lavender in helping these selfless creatures flourish in our midst.


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