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Escape City Pressures in Our Battery Operated Tiny House. Why wait for Tesla? #GrabYourMoment #Monterey #BatteryPoweredHouse

Elon Musk caught national attention this week when he announced that Tesla would be offering new solar batteries to run your home (Click here to read the Washington Post article). The media celebrated this significant announcement. Experience battery powered living in our Tiny House. Click here to reserve your stay today!

Peace and Serenity

We didn’t build a battery house to make technology headlines. We wanted the most peaceful and serene experience possible. John, fouder of Carmel Lavender, comes from a technology background. But he built the Tiny House more to escape from technology than to celebrate it. The farm provided a retreat from the busy stressful life of Silicon Valley.

The farm is 20 acres, but there was one spot that was just so peaceful.

When the pressures of work or the city started to weigh on John he would come to this spot to think and mediate. That is why he picked this place on the farm to put the Tiny House. For many years, a noisy generator was the only power. But generators are noisy fossil fuel consuming monsters and had to go. The search began for an alternative.

Look Ma, No Wires

John considered a grid tie in. There is grid power available on the farm. But the nearest connection point to the serene location of the Tiny House is over 1200 feet away. Wires and trenching are expensive.

It turned out that even before Tesla’s announcement, battery power was a less expensive alternative than copper.

And no fossil fuels or bills! Let’s hope that now with the Tesla announcement, that trend continues.

20,000 kWh of Power

Battery ClosetTelsa announced a 10kWh battery. That wasn’t enough for our Tiny House. We wanted to make sure that if the sun burned out while you were staying at our farm, you’d have at least 4 or 5 days of power before we had to turn on that noisy generator again. So we installed an array of 8 6 volt batteries. Two 4 battery series connected in parallel for 20kWh @ 24 volts into the inverter. They aren’t as pretty as the Tesla battery. But then again, we don’t stare at our batteries either 🙂

Inverting to Usable Power

Inverter CloseThe Washington Post article made much of the fact that an inverter would be necessary, increasing the cost. That is true. We have a 4kw inverter, which is ample for powering the Tiny House. The article is also correct in mentioning that you need to mind your power. The oven and stove are both gas. But the power availability is more than enough to run the microwave, the forced air heater blowers, and the refrigerator. And yes ladies, you can use your hair dryer too.

The Sun Supplies the Power

Solar Panels CloseThe solar panels provide the power to keep the batteries charged. The 2kWh panel array can fully charge the batteries in about 10  hours. Since installing the system, we haven’t had to turn on the generator even once.

Experience a Battery Operated House Today

Swing2We invite you to experience battery living at it’s finest. And while you are hear, escape from the busy life of the city and clear your mind in the fresh mountain air of Carmel Valley.


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