Farm Stay
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Tiny House Farm Stay Experience Recharges and Rejuvenates Completely Off the Grid

Leave the complexity of modern life behind, even if only for a few days. A farm stay experience in a tiny house is downsized living with all the comforts and conveniences of a super-sized home. CLICK HERE to tour the interior and book your farm stay with us.

WildFlowersNow Showing – Spring Wildflowers

After the warm weather and recent rains, springtime wild flowers abound. Right now, the Tiny House sits nestled in a field of Lupine, Blue Eyes, and Shooting Stars. It truly is a sight to behold.

Picnic, read, or just take an afternoon nap surrounded by nature at her finest.

Swing2Feel Human

In fact, just take some time to feel human. Hike down to James Creek and throw a few stones. Or swing from a majestic oak on an old-fashioned rope swing. Or, if you are more adventurous, you can head over to the nearby Los Padres Dam for a hike. Staying at the Carmel Lavender Tiny House is all about appreciating the simple things in life.

Tour Inside

CLICK HERE to tour inside our Tiny House and to book your own experience off-the-grid.

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